YouTube SCAM Alert! –

Boge Quinn ( ) issues a warning to viewers: there is a SCAM running that will try to tell viewers that they have won a prize (a gun), and ask you to send them a text for details. They will then ask you to pay for shipping for your “FREE” gun.


This has nothing to do with Gunblast, it’s just some lowlifes trying to steal your money. Be on the lookout for YouTube user names that consist of a phone number. Our user name is Gunblastdotcom, and Gunblast will never notify you via YouTube comment if you have won anything.

If you receive a reply to a comment to this effect, please notify me; my email address is [email protected]

I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion.

God bless,

Boge Quinn

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Have you been scammed by fraud and fake company?