YieldNodes Audit Report 2022 – Masternode-Decenomy-Sapphire, Scam or Legit Crypto Passive Income?

I am an invited auditor and am back from the YieldNodes Audit 2022. Here’s my objective audit results.

Watch now to get your answers: Is it a scam? Is it a Ponzi scheme? Where do they keep the crypto? Will it fail in the crypto winter? How much money under management? Do they have reserves? Can the owners be trusted? How long will returns stay high? What are the risks?

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YieldNodes Comprehensive Review [2022] – Profitable Masternode Project or Scam

My Comprehensive Review Video:

My Last Full Interview with YieldNodes CEO Steve Hoermann

2:00 Introduction
2:53 Who-What Is YieldNodes
5:20 What is Masternoding
7:30 Masternoding Analogy
8:57 YieldNodes Performance vs BTC, Dow Jones, Gold
10:39 YieldNodes-Decenomy Core Team
11:58 Quick YieldNodes-Decenomy Facilities Walk-Through
12:53 Audit Results
21:18 Auditor Insights
23:15 Auditor James Pelton
29:49 Auditor Adrian Edward Steven
37:14 Auditor Bo Schjonning-Larsen
41:51 Auditor Joseph Giove
52:08 Decenomy Vision
56:05 Decenomy Genesis – Implementation
1:00:14 Decenomy Lighthouse: Sao Tome & Principe
1:04:01 Conclusion


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