Tarot – Legit or Scam?!

The access to tarot has never been easier than in these trying times. Not least because of the wide range of tarot literature and tarot cards in stores, everyone has access to the mysterious world of card reading. On YouTube there are quite a few fortune tellers who tell the viewers in public readings that they are predicting the future. But, does it REALLY work or is it all just hocus-pocus? Today and in the following weeks I want to find out just that. First, we’ll take a closer look at the concept of tarot cards and then start the experiment.

00:00 – Intro
00:43 – History of Tarot Cards
02:09 – Concept of Tarot Cards
05:28 – Tarot Experiment

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By Anonymous – Joseph Needham's Science and Civilization in China: Volume 5, Part 1, Paper and Printing (1986, Taipei: Caves Books Ltd.), Public Domain,
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