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JSH Interview with CW:

My Alaloth Early Access Review:

My Esse Proxy Full Game Review:

My Clanfolk Early Access Review:

0:00 start
0:22 Alaloth
1:59 Dreadful River
2:38 Tribes of Midgard
3:40 Stone Shard
4:23 Cartel Tycoon
5:03 Marauders
5:55 Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon
6:31 Mato Anomalies
7:17 Bravery & Greed
7:40 Teaser Time
8:41 Radiolight
9:40 Gedonia
10:02 Tavern Master
10:27 Striving for Light
11:06 Releases
14:13 Stray
14:34 Free Games
15:46 Personal Updates


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