[SCAM ALERT] Europe Recruitment Hub

Lately a link for jobs in Europe, from Europe Recruitment Hub, has been circulating in at least the Philippines. I followed a link given to me by my wife in order to see what it was all about. The so called recruitment hub doesn’t bother asking for a CV before they try to ask you to pay for a service assisting you with the paperwork for a job/position that hasn’t been revealed, not have they told what country or which company it is for. As I am a Norwegian citizen I do not need to apply for work permit in a EU/EEA country as per the EU/EEA agreement. Also no legit recruiter would ask for payments, and they would tell you what position it is for and at what location. Basically here this is usually the process: 1. You apply for a job on a job site and send your application and CV. 2. Recruiter or job poster contact you to go though various details etc. 3. If you are found to be fitting for the position recruiter sends your CV and details to the hiring company. 4. Hiring company contacts you if they want to proceed with the application process.

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