Online Frauds and Scam से संबंधित कानून and Money Recovery with ft. @YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS EP01

Online Frauds and Scam से संबंधित कानून and Money Recovery . All Answers related to online fraud, Money Refund, and filing a police complaint. This video is especially recorded for helping those people who got trapped in custom fraud.

आजकल हमारे देश में बहुत प्रकार के ऑनलाइन फ्रॉड हो रहे हैं और जिस व्यक्ति के साथ भी एक फ्रॉड होता है उसको नहीं पता चल पाता कि अब उसे क्या करना है उसकी किसकी कौन मदद कर सकता है तो इन्हीं सारे सवालों के जवाब इस वीडियो के अंदर है

00:25 Video Starts from Here
01:32 If money is taken from the account of a person by deceiving him, will it be considered a case of fraud?
04:43 If a person is cheated online, where should he file his complaint?
05:52 What to do if the police refuse to write your complaint
06:46 What can we do if the police do not act when the complaint is registered?
08:34 Is it a crime to bully someone who abuses the Internet?
09:00 Sextortion case Talk
10:00 Does the police keep the complaints made by women secret?
13:10 How many people got back the money lost in online fraud

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