Omega Best Scam – How To Recover Our Money

So its time to get the money back. Omega Best is officially a scam. In this video I will show my research into companies that will hopefully help to recover our money.

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There are couple companies that I found and most of them say there is a 90% chance of recovering the funds.

Payback LTD – 90% chance to recover, 10% up front, 5% after recovery

Scam Recovery – 90% chance to recover, 10% up front, 5% after recovery

My Chargeback – 90% chance to recover, $1000 up front, unspecified after recovery

Its going to be hard to recover money from Omega Best owners – Lukasz Bozek, Bartosz Nafalski and the main leaders – Dariusz Bereszynski, Pawel Chyc, Tomasz Pawlak, Wojciech Gużda (Guzda), Adam Kuczyński (Kuczynski). All of them are scammers or cowards and belong in jail.

The point is that to recover our money we need to got after financial institutions that allowed these transfers in the first place. These companies promise just that.

Time is of essence – the sooner the better.

Have a great year people and see you in the next video!


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