India's Bitcoin Scam- My youtube channel got hacked + How I recovered my youtube channel in 1 day

Hi Guys,

Never thought my youtube channel will be hacked by some bitcoin scam. but Unfortunately on 23rd dec, 2020.My channel got hacked but I was fortunate enough to get back my channel in 1 day. Please spread the message to #stopbitcoinscam with everyone. Incase, any creator have fallen in trap of such scam make sure to forward this video with them. I’m glad I recovered my youtube channel and right now I’m able to share this little scam awareness with you guys.

Binance bitcoin scam is widespread nowadays and these people are hacking so many creators channel. Hope you guys found this video useful.

How to Live chat with youtube team(link):

Special thanks to :
Twinsis, Mitali Chopra, Sarah Sarosh, indiangirlchanneltrisha, Priyazone for helping me out with this situation.

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