Entropia Universe: SCAM ALERT! Mindark's NFT Egg Auction Is Designed To Scam The Crypto & NFT Crowd! caught up with StevieB to talk about the upcoming egg auction Mindark has designed to fleece the crypto currency and NFT crowd.

This is very disappointing as it’s coming directly from Mindark.

First we look at the marketing: Mindark is trying to make Entropia Universe look like a game somehow related to crypto currency, block chain and NFT’s when non of that is true.

Mindark will be auctioning 5 eggs in August 2022. They are calling these NFT’s when they are not. They are in game items just like every other in game item.

PED is not a crypto currency or stable coin. It is simply a virtual currency which has always had a fixed exchange rate. These eggs are NOT NFT’s they are simply in game items!

Each egg will eventually hatch a unique pet. As anyone who plays Entropia knows unique usually means worthless and there are already a TON of pets you literally can’t give away.

Maybe these 5 pets are over powered and worth some amount of money but we’re talking a few hundred bucks. Not a life changing amount of money.

In addition to the pet the egg owners will get an affiliate link. Notice that Mindark hasn’t mentioned that this is a free to play game? That’s because this type of an affiliate link is useless with a F2P game.

You can’t use typical advertising venues like Google or Facebook to advertise this type of a link. At least not without losing a ton of money. You would have to sign up thousands and thousands of players in order to get even a small amount of depositors who actually stay in game for more than a few weeks.

Even better? You’re compensated in PED meaning you lose 10% in processing fees and it will take months to get the money into your account.

The entire thing is designed to completely fleece the crypto and NFT community. Mindark knows that Entropia Universe players see right through this and that’s why I’m asking you guys to help me get this video in front of as much of the crypto community as you possibly can!

Oddly enough Mindark is giving you guys a unique opportunity as I am one of about three people on the planet who can actually make use of this egg/ affiliate link. I’m not a crypto bro, I’m not going to waste my time trying to deal with this auction but I am counting on one of ya’ll to bring me an egg!

If you are going to try and bring me an egg and would like to partner with me please get ahold of me via my real world email for offer details and so we can coordinate!

Someone will bring me and egg at some point; the only question is will it be someone acting as my proxie during the auction or will it be someone who wasted their life savings in 6 months?

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