DRAGONFLYTECH new investment online how to invest online, legit ba ang dragonflytech?

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In this video i documented the ponzi scheme investment online, i ivested my own money to invest this type of investment using my knowledge on how to invest in a high risk investment.
Base on my studies on this kind of investment the platform will last 3-6month.
I documented this investment of mine to show to all my fellow high risk investors how to bit this scammers/ ponzi scheme business
But suddenly it shows here because of what i exposed how to bit them the two companies leefire and dragonflytech stop in just 2 weeks.
what happened?
This is not what we expected.
are they following us in social media that we use risk magament.
This all videos served as documentation on what happened in real life ponzi schem happened.
I accept a lot of us want to be rich quickly thats why i really try to Gamble our money, i anyway we can, hoping to change our financial status in life.

This is Trader Jhes, this is my real documentation on what is happening in online ponzi schem investment.
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