Citizens Bank Text Scam Alert, Explained

A Citizens Bank text scam alert is going around that claims your account is locked or frozen or something like that and that you need to contact the bank in order to fix the issue. Scammers will try to get you to click a link or call a phone number in these text messages. Do not click or call because both of those will go to scammers.

The Citizens Bank text scam alert that was going around might contain grammatical errors, which is always a sure sign of a scam. Big businesses like Citizens Bank or Citizens Financial Group aren’t going to make multiple grammatical mistakes in a single message.

If you received a Citizens Bank text scam alert, let me know down in the comments what it said. What did it ask you to do? Did it have a link or a phone number?

In order to protect yourself from this kind of a scam, again never click any links or call any phone numbers that appear in the text messages. If you did click a link or call a phone number that appeared in the Citizens Bank text scam alert, call your bank, whatever that bank may be, and make sure that your account is secure and ask them if you might need some identity protection.

I will now provide a few tips. Never give out any PINs, passwords, or verification codes to any person who asks for them. Of course, if you are logging into an account on a website and it sends you a code because you you and not someone else is logging in, you can enter the code as long as you are sure you are on the official website for whatever it is you are logging into, and not on a scammer’s website.

Thank you so much for watching. Stay safe. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Also, feel free to share your story if you fell victim to this scam or any other scam.

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